Amsterdam, I never knew you so well.

Famed for its amazing culture and bizarre nightlife, Amsterdam, located just of the west coast of the Netherlands, truly is one of the worlds most famous and exciting cities.  With over forty museums, including the world famous Anne Frank museum, a day spent in this beautiful city is never a dull one. Birthplace to one of the world’s most famous artists, Vincent Van Gough, Amsterdam is a cultural hub of the Arts with various galleries and expeditions on every day. If however this is not what one seeks when looking for a holiday Amsterdam also offers so much to those who want to let their hair down and enjoy themselves.

With its famous coffee shops open all day you are free to sit back and relax, with one on nearly every corner. Not only is Amsterdam a cultural hub, it is also a social melting pot with its world famous nightlife. With pubs and clubs wherever you look you cannot escape the constant carnival frenzy that is taking place. Famous for its larger, if you are a beer drinker it is a most go. With the Heineken factory located right in the middle of the city it would be a crime to not go on the guided tour, including tasters and an insight into how the beer is made. Amsterdam does literally have something for everyone, for the part goers, art enthusiasts or even the helpless romantics who just want to enjoy the beautiful canals running through the city with their loved one. Find out more about this amazing city next week.


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