Press pack for PR Module

Piebury Corner Press Pack PDF file to print

For this module I have produced a press pack for Piebury Corner, a gourmet pie deli who name their pies after Arsenal footballers. The pack is aimed at local news publications such as ‘The Islington Gazette’, ‘The Camden and Islington Journal’ and also bigger publications in the London area such as ‘The Metro’, ‘Time Out’ and ‘The Evening Standard’. All these publications feature sections on restaurants in London and the restaurant has already featured in all these publications in the past.


My press pack is designed to reflect the Piebury Corner logo, a London road sign with the wording re-arranged to ‘Piebury Corner London Borough of Pi’slington’. The pack sticks to their strict colour scheme of red, white and black as this was evident on their website and menu’s. I have chosen the ‘letter’ sizing when designing on InDesign, this is so it can be posted out to the above publications easily and also because it fits the shape of the logo. The pack was printed as a booklet, with a glossy finish and perfect bind to reflect Piebury Corner’s status as a ‘gourmet’ pie deli. The restaurant is a family run business and to give an insight into the day to day running of the business I have framed all the images, this is to give the reader the sense that they are looking through a window into the restaurant. I have included pictures of Piebury’s previous festival outings, images of the new Guinness’ pies and also general shots of the restaurant when its busy to give a sense of what the collaboration party might be like. The PR firms contact details are included incase the publications want any copies of the images or more information.


The pack will be used by journalists to see what exactly Piebury Corner are up to this summer, as they are already quite well known throughout the press in London I have not included background info on the restaurant. I have provided a press release for initial information and quotes, then each page after gives a bit more detail on the specific events happening at the restaurant with added pictures for the publications to use. The final and back page of the pack is an information page with a map and other contact details, also including the logos of companies or charities involved in the pack. The press pack will be of use to the publications right up until the end of summer 2016, when Piebury Corner are finishing their festival tour. The precise use of the pack is to get the publications mentioned above to cover the stories included in the pack and in the process give Piebury Corner positive coverage for the coming summer. The budget for this pack will be quite high as the company are already established and class themselves as a high-end pie deli. The journalists receiving this pack will get an array of information about three possible stories along with relevant images and useful quotes by both co-owners of the business


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